About Us

Creating Happiness

OOI by Dylan Ooi is a Singapore base gelato manufacturer with ISO22000 and halal certified production plant. Our gelato is concocted with our perfect balance of authentic dairy cream and milk to create a velvety, creamy and rich texture. Along with our commitment to only using the finest natural ingredients around the world, every mouthful of gelato will create endless of happiness. We dedicate ourselves to crafting a unique gelato experience by integrating traditional Italian gelato techniques with an Asian flavour twist. Every country we visit, we want to share our happiness with them.

Delivering Happiness

Our On Time Delivery team strives to provide customers with precisely the services they need. Our customer support is to make certain each delivery is handled with the utmost care, no details spared. Our packer, ensure all order are pack accurately with our well design packaging to ensure our product are in perfect condition when arrive to your door step. Our dispatchers are the stars behind the scenes. They work diligently to ensure each customer and each delivery are handled accurately, efficiently and always with a smile. Each department works together as a unified team to deliver the happiness you desire for.

Taste of Happiness

Find your happiness with OOI Gelato, whether is durian, chocolate, matcha or chendol, there is a flavour for everyone.
For a good time, just say “OOI

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