Our Founder

The R&D engineer whom was developing iphone lenses stationed in Zurich, Switzerland, Dylan Ooi discovered the goodness of Italian gelato on his vacation in 2007 at Como Lake, Northern Italy.

The intense punch of flavour, silky smooth texture and low fat healthier choice of frozen dessert in the mouth of a home-sick boy far away from his family and home, created a new aspiration for Dylan.

Borned in Penang, Malaysia and grew up in Singapore since his teenage years, the Asian food and flavours contribute greatly to his homesickness. With that, Dylan was determined to master the techniques of making gelato with representative flavours of each Asian country.

Having spent years and extensive financial investment to research on formulating the perfect balance of gelato on each different flavour. Dylan officially offered his products to Singapore’s market in 2010, winning the market with a strong mandate on its quality and innovation, thus expanding vastly throughout Asia.

Today, Dylan is a multiple award winning gelato master, a brand ambassador to a more than a century old Italian company producing gelato making ingredients and a gelato consultant chef to many entities in Asia.

Holding on to the integrity of feeding consumers the best of what can be offered, Dylan strived at the commitment to keep their ingredients premium, natural and authentic.

Digital Signature
– my, gelato, journey –

there’s a reason 
why i’m still here 
after all these years,
down this long arduous path 
with heart filled with homesickness.
i want to make your face light up,
i want you to recognise 
my craft and passions,
i want you to taste 
deliciousness with every mouthful 
of my desserts.
the purpose of my creations 
is for you to indulge.
take note of all the lingering, 
exquisite asian flavours.
recognise why i am here, 
understand the road travelled 
being a purposeful one.
far from the beginning 
but also so distant from the end 
of my gelato journey.

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